AMBS-008: Video Message - Please Watch Me Masturbate. 6 Schoolgirls Know How To Sell Themselves


Video Message — Please Watch Me Masturbate. 6 Schoolgirls Know How To Sell Themselves

This little girl looks nervous as she talks into the camera that she holds. As he talks about her sexual experiences, she turns the camera to her pleasure spots and you can watch as her nipples get hard and her pussy starts to get wet. She then brings herself to completion by sticking her fingers and toys into her sopping pussy. A compilation of 6 school girls taping themselves for commercial-use.

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Released 13 January 2015
Duration 1 hour 52 min
Starring Maki HoshikawaMaki Hoshikawa 204
Yurina AyashiroYurina Ayashiro 198
Ayumi TakanashiAyumi Takanashi 184
Ai Ishihara 30
Maria Hoshi 28
Amiru Hinata 10
Categories Beautiful Girl 18,729 Schoolgirl 13,069 Masturbation 7,728 School Uniform 5,569 Shaved Pussy 4,151
Label Anbibaresotsu 139
Studio Planet Plus 758
Code AMBS 50
JAV idols Maki Hoshikawa, Yurina Ayashiro, Ayumi Takanashi, Ai Ishihara, Maria Hoshi, Amiru Hinata performing in AMBS-008 movie, acting beautiful girl, schoolgirl, masturbation, school uniform, shaved pussy. Video code AMBS, duration 112 minutes. Released 13 January 2015 on Anbibaresotsu label by Planet Plus studio. AMBS-008.torrent can be downloaded by this link.

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