ARM-388: WM Double Cum-Drinking Blowjob x Maso Dick


WM Double Cum-Drinking Blowjob x Maso Dick

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Released 20 October 2014
Duration 1 hour 55 min
Starring Kanari TsubakiKanari Tsubaki 119
Reo SaionjiReo Saionji 98
Categories Threesome / Foursome 24,735 Slut 17,626 Blowjob 13,125 Other Fetishes 11,980 Older Sister 6,463
Director Kijin Kasai 274
Label AROMA 1,043
Studio Aroma Planning 1,590
Channel PRIME 150,255 Mania 18,839
Code ARM 708
JAV idols Kanari Tsubaki, Reo Saionji performing in ARM-388 movie, acting threesome / foursome, slut, blowjob, other fetishes, older sister. Video code ARM, duration 115 minutes. Directed by Kijin Kasai. Released 20 October 2014 on AROMA label by Aroma Planning studio. ARM-388.torrent can be downloaded by this link.

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