AVS-021: AVS Collector's 2017 Annual Special Greatest Hits Catalog


AVS Collector’s 2017 Annual Special Greatest Hits Catalog

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Released 19 March 2018
Duration 4 hours 1 min
Starring Yumi KazamaYumi Kazama 2,507
Yui HatanoYui Hatano 2,241
Yu KawakamiYu Kawakami 1,847
Maki HojoMaki Hojo 1,094
Erika KitagawaErika Kitagawa 938
AikaAika 647
Miki SunoharaMiki Sunohara 632
KaoriKaori 421
Hana HarunaHana Haruna 394
Nozomi AsoNozomi Aso 136
Categories Compilation 16,082
Label AVS 227
Studio AVS collector's 1,494
Series AVS Catalog 3
Code AVS 3
JAV idols Yumi Kazama, Yui Hatano, Yu Kawakami, Maki Hojo, Erika Kitagawa, Aika, Miki Sunohara, Kaori, Hana Haruna, Nozomi Aso performing in AVS-021 movie, acting compilation. Video code AVS, duration 241 minutes. Released 19 March 2018 on AVS label by AVS collector's studio. AVS-021.torrent can be downloaded by this link.

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