AVSA-045: Lingerie Masturbation (AVSA-045)


Lingerie Masturbation (AVSA-045)

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Released 8 October 2017
Duration 2 hours 39 min
Starring Erika KitagawaErika Kitagawa 946
AikaAika 661
Miki SunoharaMiki Sunohara 642
KaoriKaori 424
Rena FukiishiRena Fukiishi 335
Kimika IchijoKimika Ichijo 268
Natsuko MishimaNatsuko Mishima 262
Shion FujimotoShion Fujimoto 188
Miku UeharaMiku Uehara 9
Categories Masturbation 7,728 Lingerie 3,583
Label AVSCollector's 350
Studio AVS collector's 1,503
Series Lingerie Masturbation 2
Code AVSA 92
JAV idols Erika Kitagawa, Aika, Miki Sunohara, Kaori, Rena Fukiishi, Kimika Ichijo, Natsuko Mishima, Shion Fujimoto, Miku Uehara performing in AVSA-045 movie, acting masturbation, lingerie. Video code AVSA, duration 159 minutes. Released 8 October 2017 on AVSCollector's label by AVS collector's studio. AVSA-045.torrent can be downloaded by this link.

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