BUR-411: Creampie Raw Footage Of An Obedient Masochist Lolicon Big Tits Idol. Yuzu Ogura & Erika Kashiwagi .


Creampie Raw Footage Of An Obedient Masochist Lolicon Big Tits Idol. Yuzu Ogura & Erika Kashiwagi .

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Released 14 September 2012
Duration 1 hour 53 min
Starring Yuzu OguraYuzu Ogura 74
Erika KashiwagiErika Kashiwagi 36
Categories Big Tits 49,041 Creampie 39,214 Youthful 7,100
Label BURST (Grace) 208
Studio Glay'z 1,255
Channel PRIME 150,254 Playgirl 41,463
Code BUR 209
JAV idols Yuzu Ogura, Erika Kashiwagi performing in BUR-411 movie, acting big tits, creampie, youthful. Video code BUR, duration 113 minutes. Released 14 September 2012 on BURST (Grace) label by Glay'z studio. BUR-411.torrent can be downloaded by this link.

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