BUR-511: Pussies Instruction Manual 5


Pussies Instruction Manual 5

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Released 24 June 2018
Duration 3 hours 30 min
Starring Aki SasakiAki Sasaki 593
Airi SatoAiri Sato 232
Harura MoriHarura Mori 197
Waka NinomiyaWaka Ninomiya 163
Maria WakatsukiMaria Wakatsuki 148
Hana AoyamaHana Aoyama 97
Yuri SasaharaYuri Sasahara 81
Saki HiragiSaki Hiragi 41
Kanon AkiyoshiKanon Akiyoshi 38
Tsumugi SakuraTsumugi Sakura 21
Categories Other Fetishes 11,838 Shaved Pussy 4,033 Genital Close-Up 1,614
Label BURST (Grace) 205
Studio Glay'z 1,241
Series Pussies Instruction Manual 5
Channel PRIME 150,206 Playgirl 41,462
Code BUR 206
JAV idols Aki Sasaki, Airi Sato, Harura Mori, Waka Ninomiya, Maria Wakatsuki, Hana Aoyama, Yuri Sasahara, Saki Hiragi, Kanon Akiyoshi, Tsumugi Sakura performing in BUR-511 movie, acting other fetishes, shaved pussy, genital close-up. Video code BUR, duration 210 minutes. Released 24 June 2018 on BURST (Grace) label by Glay'z studio. BUR-511.torrent can be downloaded by this link.

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