CADV-522: Big Tits & Colossal Tits - Eight Hours, 20 Girls, 40 Funbags!


Big Tits & Colossal Tits — Eight Hours, 20 Girls, 40 Funbags!

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Released 15 May 2015
Duration 7 hours 58 min
Starring Erika KitagawaErika Kitagawa 924
Asahi MizunoAsahi Mizuno 797
Reiko KobayakawaReiko Kobayakawa 759
Naho HatzukiNaho Hatzuki 608
Mao KurataMao Kurata 390
Ruri SaijoRuri Saijo 236
Akane YoshinagaAkane Yoshinaga 189
Satomi NomiyaSatomi Nomiya 152
Yuka MinaseYuka Minase 112
Anna NatsukiAnna Natsuki 81
Categories Big Tits 47,958 Compilation 15,742 Cosplay 7,529 Maid 1,770
Label CRYSTAL EX 445
Studio Crystal Eizo 3,615
Channel PRIME 150,206 AV Station 23,802
Code CADV 445
JAV idols Erika Kitagawa, Asahi Mizuno, Reiko Kobayakawa, Naho Hatzuki, Mao Kurata, Ruri Saijo, Akane Yoshinaga, Satomi Nomiya, Yuka Minase, Anna Natsuki performing in CADV-522 movie, acting big tits, compilation, cosplay, maid. Video code CADV, duration 478 minutes. Released 15 May 2015 on CRYSTAL EX label by Crystal Eizo studio. CADV-522.torrent can be downloaded by this link.

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