DBR-63: 2012 RUBY Year Book, Vol.3. The Mature Women Who Shine As They Enjoy Their Trip And Hot Springs


2012 RUBY Year Book, Vol.3. The Mature Women Who Shine As They Enjoy Their Trip And Hot Springs

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Released 9 January 2013
Duration 3 hours 59 min
Starring Satsuki KiriokaSatsuki Kirioka 311
Mika MatsushitaMika Matsushita 138
Maya SawamuraMaya Sawamura 112
Chihiro UeharaChihiro Uehara 71
Hotaru YamakawaHotaru Yamakawa 41
Ayano ShindoAyano Shindo 30
Categories Mature Woman 40,321 Compilation 16,318
Director Tsubasa Hakushon 20
Label RUBY 581
Studio Ruby 2,932
Series Ruby Yearbook 54
Channel PRIME 150,260 Mature Women 18,531
Code DBR 54
JAV idols Satsuki Kirioka, Mika Matsushita, Maya Sawamura, Chihiro Uehara, Hotaru Yamakawa, Ayano Shindo performing in DBR-63 movie, acting mature woman, compilation. Video code DBR, duration 239 minutes. Directed by Tsubasa Hakushon. Released 9 January 2013 on RUBY label by Ruby studio. DBR-63.torrent can be downloaded by this link.

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