DOCP-104: This Prim And Proper Female Teacher Was Tied Up And Put In The Closet To Cum And Be Destroyed... She...


This Prim And Proper Female Teacher Was Tied Up And Put In The Closet To Cum And Be Destroyed… She Was Making A Teacher Home Visit To The Family Of A Raging Dick Student And Became The Victim Of Sexual Harassment. She Kept Trying To Resist, But After Getting A Vibrator Shoved Into Her Pussy And Followed Up With Aphrodisiacs, She Orgasmed And Became A Horny Lusty Bitch…

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Released 2 November 2018
Duration 4 hours 5 min
Starring Yua ImaiYua Imai 110
Reika HashimotoReika Hashimoto 68
Noa MizuharaNoa Mizuhara 31
Rin Hifumi 18
Categories Creampie 37,176 Ropes & Ties 9,170 Female Teacher 4,427 Vibrator 3,265 Substance Use 1,357
Label Doc Premium 143
Studio Prestige 5,923
Code DOCP 143
JAV idols Yua Imai, Reika Hashimoto, Noa Mizuhara, Rin Hifumi performing in DOCP-104 movie, acting creampie, ropes & ties, female teacher, vibrator, substance use. Video code DOCP, duration 245 minutes. Released 2 November 2018 on Doc Premium label by Prestige studio. DOCP-104.torrent can be downloaded by this link.

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