DOKS-378: Panties: All-Clothed Alluring Booty


Panties: All-Clothed Alluring Booty

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Released 17 June 2016
Duration 1 hour 51 min
Starring Shiori TsukadaShiori Tsukada 358
Rion NishikawaRion Nishikawa 162
Kotone Suzumiya 101
Hina KinamiHina Kinami 81
Itsuki MainoItsuki Maino 61
Arisu AmaneArisu Amane 41
Categories Ass Lover 5,767 School Uniform 5,569 Lingerie 3,583
Label OFFICE K'S 423
Studio OFFICE K'S 1,676
Channel PRIME 150,260 Mania 18,839
Code DOKS 413
JAV idols Shiori Tsukada, Rion Nishikawa, Kotone Suzumiya, Hina Kinami, Itsuki Maino, Arisu Amane performing in DOKS-378 movie, acting ass lover, school uniform, lingerie. Video code DOKS, duration 111 minutes. Released 17 June 2016 on OFFICE K'S label by OFFICE K'S studio. DOKS-378.torrent can be downloaded by this link.

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