DUSA-032: Picking Up Girls In Summer 180 Minutes


Picking Up Girls In Summer 180 Minutes

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Released 5 January 2017
Duration 3 hours
Starring Yuno HoshiYuno Hoshi 461
Yuna HiroseYuna Hirose 74
Misa Kobayashi 35
Misa AyaseMisa Ayase 28
Ai YokomineAi Yokomine 12
Yuria Takase 7
Hiyori Wakakusa 7
Yoko Minami 1
Categories Creampie 37,153 Squirting 12,228 Older Sister 6,207 Picking Up Girls 3,511 Swimsuits 2,676
Director Isono Maguro 134
Label Medusa 30
Studio STAR PARADISE 2,085
Channel PRIME 150,198 Playgirl 41,461
Code DUSA 30
JAV idols Yuno Hoshi, Yuna Hirose, Misa Kobayashi, Misa Ayase, Ai Yokomine, Yuria Takase, Hiyori Wakakusa, Yoko Minami performing in DUSA-032 movie, acting creampie, squirting, older sister, picking up girls, swimsuits. Video code DUSA, duration 180 minutes. Directed by Isono Maguro. Released 5 January 2017 on Medusa label by STAR PARADISE studio. DUSA-032.torrent can be downloaded by this link.

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