DV-1660: The Descent Of A Gorgeous Bikini Model Mami Nagase


The Descent Of A Gorgeous Bikini Model Mami Nagase

Watch as we raise the reputations of image DVDs to a whole new level, with this astonishing premium new fresh face as she experiences an autumn harvesting” in this very special year! Conventional descriptions are absolutely unnecessary! Just look and you’ll understand, how incredible she is!! We’re going all in on the strength of her character. Witness the birth of this unquestionably high quality Fresh Face! Enjoy her first undressing and sensual interview and sex toy sensuality test. And with careful consideration made for her erogenous zones, we dive in to her first time sex scene. Fellatio and tit jamming. Oiled up and slippery sex… smooth and slow titty fondling, tit-jamming, blowjobs, and furious piston pounding, first-time oil-lubed sex.

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Released 12 September 2014
Duration 2 hours
Starring Mami NagaseMami Nagase 122
Categories Big Tits 49,664 Titty Fuck 12,618 Cunnilingus 6,580 Debut 6,200
Director Kyosei 936
Label Alice JAPAN 2,818
Studio Alice JAPAN 3,710
Channel PRIME 150,260 Alice JAPAN 3,118
Code DV 914
JAV idol Mami Nagase performing in DV-1660 movie, acting big tits, titty fuck, cunnilingus, debut. Video code DV, duration 120 minutes. Directed by Kyosei. Released 12 September 2014 on Alice JAPAN label by Alice JAPAN studio. DV-1660.torrent can be downloaded by this link.

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