DVAJ-0067: I Pounded The Wall So Hard She Froze, So I Pounded Her Pussy!


I Pounded The Wall So Hard She Froze, So I Pounded Her Pussy!

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Released 14 August 2015
Duration 2 hours 24 min
Starring Nanami KawakamiNanami Kawakami 242
Mami NagaseMami Nagase 122
Mayu MinamiMayu Minami 53
Erina NagasawaErina Nagasawa 43
An ArisawaAn Arisawa 9
Categories Big Tits 49,664 Beautiful Girl 18,729 Variety 10,614 Older Sister 6,558 Quickie 832
Director Sagi Kanda 68
Label Alice JAPAN 2,818
Studio Alice JAPAN 3,710
Channel PRIME 150,260 Alice JAPAN 3,118
Code DVAJ 385
JAV idols Nanami Kawakami, Mami Nagase, Mayu Minami, Erina Nagasawa, An Arisawa performing in DVAJ-0067 movie, acting big tits, beautiful girl, variety, older sister, quickie. Video code DVAJ, duration 144 minutes. Directed by Sagi Kanda. Released 14 August 2015 on Alice JAPAN label by Alice JAPAN studio. DVAJ-0067.torrent can be downloaded by this link.

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