DVAJ-130: Meeting and Fucking Right Away Special 4


Meeting and Fucking Right Away Special 4

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Released 10 April 2016
Duration 4 hours 1 min
Starring Kaho ShibuyaKaho Shibuya 440
Mami NagaseMami Nagase 102
Ai MinanoAi Minano 77
Beni ItoBeni Ito 56
Nana AyanoNana Ayano 56
Mayu MinamiMayu Minami 45
Erina NagasawaErina Nagasawa 38
Ami UnoAmi Uno 21
An ArisawaAn Arisawa 9
Ran UsagiRan Usagi 9
Categories Big Tits 46,148 Compilation 15,092 Documentary 6,215 Quickie 747
Label Alice JAPAN 2,482
Studio Alice JAPAN 3,352
Series Fucking in Seconds After Meeting 53
Channel PRIME 150,190 Alice JAPAN 3,118

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