DVAJ-190: Exclusive Footage! Her First Undresing And First Sexual Experience In One Giant Special! A5 Rank Pre...


Exclusive Footage! Her First Undresing And First Sexual Experience In One Giant Special! A5 Rank Premier 12 Ladies

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Released 13 November 2016
Duration 5 hours
Starring Ai MinanoAi Minano 77
Mairi MoriMairi Mori 59
Mayu MinamiMayu Minami 45
Aoi AkaneAoi Akane 40
Eren FujisakiEren Fujisaki 29
Yurara SasamotoYurara Sasamoto 13
An ArisawaAn Arisawa 9
Shiori TokunagaShiori Tokunaga 8
Tsubasa KinamiTsubasa Kinami 5
Haru SuzunoHaru Suzuno 3
Categories Big Tits 46,148 Creampie 35,440 Facial 8,708
Label Alice JAPAN 2,482
Studio Alice JAPAN 3,352
Channel PRIME 150,190 Alice JAPAN 3,118

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