DVAJ-378: No Longer Human. Black Men X Woman With Her Limbs Fully Restrained X Hypnotism & Trance


No Longer Human. Black Men X Woman With Her Limbs Fully Restrained X Hypnotism & Trance

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Released 10 February 2019
Duration 4 hours 1 min
Starring Kaho KasumiKaho Kasumi 704
Nana HiiragiNana Hiiragi 120
Mayu YukiMayu Yuki 109
Mami NagaseMami Nagase 102
Yui NishikawaYui Nishikawa 102
Hina KinamiHina Kinami 79
Ai MinanoAi Minano 78
Harua NarumiyaHarua Narumiya 76
Mayu MinamiMayu Minami 45
Categories Compilation 15,157 Bondage 7,297 Gang Bang 2,728 Black Man 982
Director Sagi Kanda 51
Label Alice JAPAN 2,537
Studio Alice JAPAN 3,407
Series Human Business Cessation 60

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