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FA PRO: Showa

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Released 13 October 2009
Duration 3 hours 56 min
Starring Miyabi KagamiMiyabi Kagami 151
SayakaSayaka 80
Izumi MamiyaIzumi Mamiya 75
Mina ManabeMina Manabe 68
Satsuki Shinohara 26
Mao ShinoharaMao Shinohara 25
Nene MukaiNene Mukai 21
Mizuki ShiinaMizuki Shiina 11
Asako Sugisawa 10
Categories Mature Woman 37,795 Cowgirl 19,696 Drama 7,272 Kimono 3,589 Series 814
Director Henry Tsukamoto 604
Label FA Pro 853
Studio FA Pro 1,301
Channel PRIME 150,193 Mature Women 18,528

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