FAX-256: Life is Like an Erotic Novel. Mazakon (Oedipus Complex) Burning Sexual Desires and Forbidden Incest/...


Life is Like an Erotic Novel. Mazakon (Oedipus Complex) Burning Sexual Desires and Forbidden Incest/​Daughter and Father-in-Law’s Sexual Affairs/​The Never Fatigued Penis

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Released 25 February 2010
Duration 1 hour 47 min
Starring Sayoko KurokiSayoko Kuroki 147
Erina MisakiErina Misaki 58
Nene MukaiNene Mukai 21
Yuko Tachibana 11
Categories Cowgirl 20,308 Relatives 13,916 Drama 8,080 MILF 6,129 Series 884
Director Henry Tsukamoto 654
Label FA Pro 886
Studio FA Pro 1,335
Channel PRIME 150,260 Mature Women 18,531
Code FAX 465
JAV idols Sayoko Kuroki, Erina Misaki, Nene Mukai, Yuko Tachibana performing in FAX-256 movie, acting cowgirl, relatives, drama, milf, series. Video code FAX, duration 107 minutes. Directed by Henry Tsukamoto. Released 25 February 2010 on FA Pro label by FA Pro studio. FAX-256.torrent can be downloaded by this link.

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