FSET-497: I Lustfully Stole That Guy's Girlfriend Whom I've Always Been In Love With


I Lustfully Stole That Guy’s Girlfriend Whom I’ve Always Been In Love With

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Released 5 June 2014
Duration 2 hours 50 min
Starring Miku AbenoMiku Abeno 589
Riko HondaRiko Honda 370
Miyu ShinaMiyu Shina 74
Rion ChigasakiRion Chigasaki 10
Categories Variety 10,615 Beautiful Tits 7,087 Cheating Wife 6,659
Director FSET 46
Label AKNR 710
Studio Akinori 744
Channel PRIME 150,260 SOFT ON DEMAND 8,876
Code FSET 693
JAV idols Miku Abeno, Riko Honda, Miyu Shina, Rion Chigasaki performing in FSET-497 movie, acting variety, beautiful tits, cheating wife. Video code FSET, duration 170 minutes. Directed by FSET. Released 5 June 2014 on AKNR label by Akinori studio. FSET-497.torrent can be downloaded by this link.

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