GEN-007: Rape 240 II 12 Girls Given Drugs & Raped


Rape 240 II 12 Girls Given Drugs & Raped

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Released 25 April 2010
Duration 3 hours 58 min
Starring Yuno HoshiYuno Hoshi 469
AyamiAyami 405
Anri NonakaAnri Nonaka 254
Yui MatsunoYui Matsuno 249
Aki NagaseAki Nagase 244
Asahi MiuraAsahi Miura 159
Sara SeoriSara Seori 38
Maki HoshinoMaki Hoshino 35
Ryo SuzukaRyo Suzuka 32
Nana AyaseNana Ayase 16
Categories Creampie 42,388 Facial 9,310 Reluctant 9,090 Various Worker 4,897
Label GIGA TON 82
Studio Hayabusa 779
Series Rape 240 8
Channel PRIME 150,272 Playgirl 41,465
Code GEN 82
JAV idols Yuno Hoshi, Ayami, Anri Nonaka, Yui Matsuno, Aki Nagase, Asahi Miura, Sara Seori, Maki Hoshino, Ryo Suzuka, Nana Ayase performing in GEN-007 movie, acting creampie, facial, reluctant, various worker. Video code GEN, duration 238 minutes. Released 25 April 2010 on GIGA TON label by Hayabusa studio. GEN-007.torrent can be downloaded by this link.

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