GESD-164: Famously Dirty Mature Women From All Over Japan. Special 2 Part 2


Famously Dirty Mature Women From All Over Japan. Special 2 Part 2

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Released 19 June 2010
Duration 1 hour 56 min
Starring Kana MochizukiKana Mochizuki 336
Ayako SatonakaAyako Satonaka 191
Saki AikawaSaki Aikawa 118
Keiko SetoKeiko Seto 69
Setsuna ImamiyaSetsuna Imamiya 59
Kiyoko Maekawa 13
Mariko KawanaMariko Kawana 6
Yoshie Mitani 4
Categories Mature Woman 38,689 Threesome / Foursome 24,376 Fingering 6,594 Lingerie 3,486
Director Tamagawa Tonden 11
Label Pierce 378
Studio Geneisha 400
Series All Times And Places Famous Mature Indecent Special 2
Channel PRIME 150,198 Mature Women 18,528
Code GESD 151
JAV idols Kana Mochizuki, Ayako Satonaka, Saki Aikawa, Keiko Seto, Setsuna Imamiya, Kiyoko Maekawa, Mariko Kawana, Yoshie Mitani performing in GESD-164 movie, acting mature woman, threesome / foursome, fingering, lingerie. Video code GESD, duration 116 minutes. Directed by Tamagawa Tonden. Released 19 June 2010 on Pierce label by Geneisha studio. GESD-164.torrent can be downloaded by this link.

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