KAVR001: [VR] Miracle Girl's Only School Infiltration VR I'm An Unpopular, Virgin, Gross Nerd Who Got Transfe...


[VR] Miracle Girl’s Only School Infiltration VR I’m An Unpopular, Virgin, Gross Nerd Who Got Transferred To A Girl’s School That Doesn’t Allow Boys By Mistake, And Now I Fuck Everyone And Totally Have A Dream-Like Harem Five Person School Lifestyle

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Released 7 November 2017
Duration 1 hour 27 min
Starring Mikako AbeMikako Abe 402
Ai SenaAi Sena 341
Noa EikawaNoa Eikawa 254
Yuna HimekawaYuna Himekawa 177
Categories Schoolgirl 13,073 School Uniform 5,570 POV 5,552 Orgy 4,870 Kiss Kiss 2,893
Director ZAMPA 459
Label kawaii* VR 38
Studio kawaii 1,124
Code KAVR 35
JAV idols Mikako Abe, Ai Sena, Noa Eikawa, Yuna Himekawa performing in KAVR001 movie, acting schoolgirl, school uniform, pov, orgy, kiss kiss. Video code KAVR, duration 87 minutes. Directed by ZAMPA. Released 7 November 2017 on kawaii* VR label by kawaii studio. KAVR001.torrent can be downloaded by this link.

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