KMHR-001: Yuha Kiriyama AV DEBUT


Yuha Kiriyama AV DEBUT

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Released 1 June 2017
Duration 2 hours 15 min
Starring Yuu KiriyamaYuu Kiriyama 53
Categories Threesome / Foursome 24,836 Beautiful Girl 18,729 Variety 10,614 Masturbation 7,728 Slender 7,141
Director Osamushi Sugawara 142
Label I Fell in Love With You! 75
Studio SOD Create 4,286
Series AV Debut (Kimi Hore) 20
Channel PRIME 150,260 SOFT ON DEMAND 8,876
Code KMHR 75
JAV idol Yuu Kiriyama performing in KMHR-001 movie, acting threesome / foursome, beautiful girl, variety, masturbation, slender. Video code KMHR, duration 135 minutes. Directed by Osamushi Sugawara. Released 1 June 2017 on I Fell in Love With You! label by SOD Create studio. KMHR-001.torrent can be downloaded by this link.

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