LADS-032: Lesbian Devil - Two Hours Of Hard Lesbian Banging


Lesbian Devil — Two Hours Of Hard Lesbian Banging

Released 28 November 2009
Duration 1 hour 59 min
Starring Chisato ShodaChisato Shoda 1,240
Riko TachibanaRiko Tachibana 398
Misaki AsoMisaki Aso 384
Ren HitomiRen Hitomi 217
Shoko MikamiShoko Mikami 210
Naomi HiroseNaomi Hirose 154
Mari YamaguchiMari Yamaguchi 104
Categories Lesbian 8,369 69 3,576 Lingerie 3,427
Label LADIES(mens)ROOM 60
Studio Top Marshal 123
Series Lesbian Devil 3
Channel PRIME 150,190 KMP 7,463

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