NFDM-419: The Class That Schoolgirls Want To Attend The Most Health And Physical Education Taught By The Queen


The Class That Schoolgirls Want To Attend The Most Health And Physical Education Taught By The Queen

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Released 5 October 2015
Duration 2 hours 3 min
Starring Marie KonishiMarie Konishi 343
Sayo ArimotoSayo Arimoto 214
Yu TsujiiYu Tsujii 109
Reona MaruyamaReona Maruyama 98
Yuka AobaYuka Aoba 91
Kaoru MajimaKaoru Majima 29
Natsuki Miyamori 15
Anri Mochizuki 6
Categories Schoolgirl 13,249 School Uniform 5,678 Female Teacher 4,575 Footjob 1,798 Face Sitting 1,705 Masochist Man 1,294 Golden Shower 694
Label Freedom 354
Studio Freedom 495
Channel PRIME 150,265 Mania 18,841
Code NFDM 441
JAV idols Marie Konishi, Sayo Arimoto, Yu Tsujii, Reona Maruyama, Yuka Aoba, Kaoru Majima, Natsuki Miyamori, Anri Mochizuki performing in NFDM-419 movie, acting schoolgirl, school uniform, female teacher, footjob, face sitting, masochist man, golden shower. Video code NFDM, duration 123 minutes. Released 5 October 2015 on Freedom label by Freedom studio. NFDM-419.torrent can be downloaded by this link.

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