NTD-043: Punishment Academy


Punishment Academy

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Released 1 October 2010
Duration 2 hours 20 min
Starring Tsubasa HaruyaTsubasa Haruya 273
Nao MasakiNao Masaki 267
Aki NagaseAki Nagase 244
Shiho MiyazakiShiho Miyazaki 96
Nene MukaiNene Mukai 21
Categories Creampie 37,186 Humiliation 10,908 Youthful 6,945 Sailor Uniform 3,664
Label Nakajima Kogyo 432
Studio Nakajima Kogyo 523
Series Punishment Academy 1
Channel PRIME 150,198 Mania 18,835
Code NTD 44
JAV idols Tsubasa Haruya, Nao Masaki, Aki Nagase, Shiho Miyazaki, Nene Mukai performing in NTD-043 movie, acting creampie, humiliation, youthful, sailor uniform. Video code NTD, duration 140 minutes. Released 1 October 2010 on Nakajima Kogyo label by Nakajima Kogyo studio. NTD-043.torrent can be downloaded by this link.

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