ONED-936: Fully Charged! Handjob Wave Motion Gun Massive Facials


Fully Charged! Handjob Wave Motion Gun Massive Facials

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Released 22 March 2008
Duration 1 hour 59 min
Starring Mei KobayashiMei Kobayashi 91
Lemon KirinLemon Kirin 62
Shiori HosakaShiori Hosaka 42
Emi TojoEmi Tojo 32
Yui Mizukami 22
Maya Aikawa 15
Mio Hiragi 7
Shiori Kobayakawa 6
Categories Big Tits 51,334 Titty Fuck 12,874 Handjob 9,757 Facial 9,310 Breast Milk 889
Label ONE 205
Studio Radix 1,182
Series Massive Facials 9
Channel PRIME 150,272 Mania 18,841
Code ONED 983
JAV idols Mei Kobayashi, Lemon Kirin, Shiori Hosaka, Emi Tojo, Yui Mizukami, Maya Aikawa, Mio Hiragi, Shiori Kobayakawa performing in ONED-936 movie, acting big tits, titty fuck, handjob, facial, breast milk. Video code ONED, duration 119 minutes. Released 22 March 2008 on ONE label by Radix studio. ONED-936.torrent can be downloaded by this link.

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