PRED-091: Creampie Sex Allowed! She'll Fuck You With Teasing Dirty Talk Yu Asakura


Creampie Sex Allowed! She’ll Fuck You With Teasing Dirty Talk Yu Asakura

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Released 4 August 2018
Duration 1 hour 59 min
Starring Yu AsakuraYu Asakura 251
Categories Cowgirl 20,308 Slut 17,767 Beautiful Tits 7,087 Dirty Talk 5,382
Director Kogoro Kindaichi 260
Label Elegance 174
Studio PREMIUM 1,579
Code PRED 177
JAV idol Yu Asakura performing in PRED-091 movie, acting cowgirl, slut, beautiful tits, dirty talk. Video code PRED, duration 119 minutes. Directed by Kogoro Kindaichi. Released 4 August 2018 on Elegance label by PREMIUM studio. PRED-091.torrent can be downloaded by this link.

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