QXL-94: RUBY Selection! Married Woman Porn Debut Collection 4 Hours


RUBY Selection! Married Woman Porn Debut Collection 4 Hours

Released 11 April 2013
Duration 4 hours
Starring Yurika OtaYurika Ota 48
Takami Shinjo 36
Yurika MoriyamaYurika Moriyama 21
Momoko Shirochi 15
Misato Hirosawa 14
Yoko Nakata 13
Yumiko Tachikawa 12
Kaoru Sugishiro 11
Maki Hatzuki 10
Kaoru Morisugi 9
Categories Mature Woman 37,887 Married Woman 32,631 Cowgirl 19,718 Compilation 15,157
Director CHIKABUN 61
Label RUBY 558
Studio Ruby 2,786
Channel PRIME 150,193 Mature Women 18,528

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