RCT-566: Fully Nude Oil Kat Fight - The First Round, Pick Your Opponent. The Fierce And Magnificent Battles R...


Fully Nude Oil Kat Fight — The First Round, Pick Your Opponent. The Fierce And Magnificent Battles Return

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Released 9 February 2014
Duration 2 hours 13 min
Starring Maki HojoMaki Hojo 1,071
Kaoru NatsukiKaoru Natsuki 636
Kyoko MakiKyoko Maki 360
Karin ItsukiKarin Itsuki 318
Reo SaionjiReo Saionji 98
Lucia TodoLucia Todo 11
Ria Aizaki 11
Miyuu Takazawa 3
Categories Variety 10,185 Urination 3,943 Sex Toys 3,191 Action & Fighting 657
Director Taro Kanbe 186
Label ROCKET 864
Studio ROCKET 895
Series Nude Oil Catfight Kat 8
Channel PRIME 150,198 SOFT ON DEMAND 8,876
Code RCT 628

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