RD-585: Exclusive! Another Man's Wife Special. Make Me Feel Even Better... I Want It! The Pleasure She Disco...


Exclusive! Another Man’s Wife Special. Make Me Feel Even Better… I Want It! The Pleasure She Discovers Makes The Amateur Wife Unstoppable

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Released 31 July 2013
Duration 1 hour 41 min
Starring Misono Katase 8
Shizune Abe 6
Miyuu Takazawa 3
Lisa Matsuoka 1
Categories Married Woman 35,340 Cowgirl 20,311 Amateur 11,511
Director Eitaro Onuma 212
Label ATHENA 815
Studio Atena Eizou 831
Series Exclusive! Wife Special 75
Channel PRIME 150,260 AV Station 23,809
Code RD 790
JAV idols Misono Katase, Shizune Abe, Miyuu Takazawa, Lisa Matsuoka performing in RD-585 movie, acting married woman, cowgirl, amateur. Video code RD, duration 101 minutes. Directed by Eitaro Onuma. Released 31 July 2013 on ATHENA label by Atena Eizou studio. RD-585.torrent can be downloaded by this link.

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