RKI-279: An unbelievably Cute, Lovely and Beautiful Transsexual Woman. 16 Hours of Video


An unbelievably Cute, Lovely and Beautiful Transsexual Woman. 16 Hours of Video

Super pretty traps!? This group of transsexuals would make any woman jealous! Watch them climax massive amounts of cum from handjobs, brought to orgasm by pleasurable prostrate stimulation, and big cock anal sex! You will not find a video with this many top quality transsexuals anywhere, only on ROOKIE!

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Released 15 February 2014
Duration 15 hours 58 min
Starring Miki MizuasaMiki Mizuasa 86
Miruku AimaMiruku Aima 60
Yu TachibanaYu Tachibana 38
Haruka YabukiHaruka Yabuki 31
Sayuri UeharaSayuri Uehara 28
Maria TominagaMaria Tominaga 26
Seira MikamiSeira Mikami 21
Hina KaminoHina Kamino 18
Chihaya MochizukiChihaya Mochizuki 14
Moe Ayasaki 5
Categories Compilation 15,564 Anal Play 5,585 Shemale 1,603
Label ROOKIE 428
Studio ROOKIE 461
Channel PRIME 150,198 DREAM 8,544
Code RKI 343
JAV idols Miki Mizuasa, Miruku Aima, Yu Tachibana, Haruka Yabuki, Sayuri Uehara, Maria Tominaga, Seira Mikami, Hina Kamino, Chihaya Mochizuki, Moe Ayasaki performing in RKI-279 movie, acting compilation, anal play, shemale. Video code RKI, duration 958 minutes. Released 15 February 2014 on ROOKIE label by ROOKIE studio. RKI-279.torrent can be downloaded by this link.

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