SAL-122: Transsexual Mai Ayase VS Slut on the Attack: Top-class Lesbian Sluts Who Love Cock and Cum Get Fucke...


Transsexual Mai Ayase VS Slut on the Attack: Top-class Lesbian Sluts Who Love Cock and Cum Get Fucked to Orgasm Dozens of Times — 13 Person, 4 Hour Best of with over 16 Scenes

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Released 25 May 2012
Duration 3 hours 56 min
Starring Yumi KazamaYumi Kazama 2,508
Uta KohakuUta Kohaku 534
Yuno HoshiYuno Hoshi 467
Riri KodaRiri Koda 356
Yuria HidakaYuria Hidaka 354
Ruri ShiratoriRuri Shiratori 177
Erika Hiramatsu 165
TsukushiTsukushi 134
Mie Fujiwara 8
Myuu 3
Categories Threesome / Foursome 24,726 Compilation 16,104 Dirty Talk 5,328 Shemale 1,649
Director Hakusui Riki 450
Label SHEMALE a la carte 157
Studio SHEMALE a la carte 158
Channel PRIME 150,254 Mania 18,839
Code SAL 158
JAV idols Yumi Kazama, Uta Kohaku, Yuno Hoshi, Riri Koda, Yuria Hidaka, Ruri Shiratori, Erika Hiramatsu, Tsukushi, Mie Fujiwara, Myuu performing in SAL-122 movie, acting threesome / foursome, compilation, dirty talk, shemale. Video code SAL, duration 236 minutes. Directed by Hakusui Riki. Released 25 May 2012 on SHEMALE a la carte label by SHEMALE a la carte studio. SAL-122.torrent can be downloaded by this link.

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