SAL-129: Transsexual Mai Ayase's Record Series of 34 Cumshots 4 Hours


Transsexual Mai Ayase’s Record Series of 34 Cumshots 4 Hours

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Released 25 August 2012
Duration 3 hours 55 min
Starring Yu KawakamiYu Kawakami 1,850
Riri KodaRiri Koda 356
Marica HaseMarica Hase 174
Mai AyaseMai Ayase 124
Chinatsu YumotoChinatsu Yumoto 84
Sayaka AyasakiSayaka Ayasaki 53
Hikaru Ayami 52
Fuuka HanasakiFuuka Hanasaki 46
Nana Aoyanagai 14
Categories Creampie 39,299 Threesome / Foursome 24,726 Compilation 16,104 Anal Play 5,721 Shemale 1,649
Label SHEMALE a la carte 157
Studio SHEMALE a la carte 158
Channel PRIME 150,254 Mania 18,839
Code SAL 158
JAV idols Yu Kawakami, Riri Koda, Marica Hase, Mai Ayase, Chinatsu Yumoto, Sayaka Ayasaki, Hikaru Ayami, Fuuka Hanasaki, Nana Aoyanagai performing in SAL-129 movie, acting creampie, threesome / foursome, compilation, anal play, shemale. Video code SAL, duration 235 minutes. Released 25 August 2012 on SHEMALE a la carte label by SHEMALE a la carte studio. SAL-129.torrent can be downloaded by this link.

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