SAL-172: Reaching Climax with Dirty Trannies - Can't Hold Back the Lust - 16 Men, 4 Hours


Reaching Climax with Dirty Trannies — Can’t Hold Back the Lust — 16 Men, 4 Hours

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Released 23 September 2013
Duration 3 hours 56 min
Starring Mai AyaseMai Ayase 124
Chinatsu YumotoChinatsu Yumoto 84
Nene AizawaNene Aizawa 78
Hiromi SatoHiromi Sato 54
Fuuka HanasakiFuuka Hanasaki 46
Miki Aihara 40
Mei AikawaMei Aikawa 22
Minami Hosho 19
Shoko Nakajima 15
Erina Aisaki 14
Categories Blowjob 13,109 Anal Play 5,721 Shemale 1,649 Cross Dresser 721
Label SHEMALE a la carte 157
Studio SHEMALE a la carte 158
Channel PRIME 150,254 Mania 18,839
Code SAL 158
JAV idols Mai Ayase, Chinatsu Yumoto, Nene Aizawa, Hiromi Sato, Fuuka Hanasaki, Miki Aihara, Mei Aikawa, Minami Hosho, Shoko Nakajima, Erina Aisaki performing in SAL-172 movie, acting blowjob, anal play, shemale, cross dresser. Video code SAL, duration 236 minutes. Released 23 September 2013 on SHEMALE a la carte label by SHEMALE a la carte studio. SAL-172.torrent can be downloaded by this link.

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