SSM-001: Spring Edition " The Glorious Record Of A Business Man From Shimbashi " A Secret Hideout Sensual Hou...


Spring Edition ” The Glorious Record Of A Business Man From Shimbashi ” A Secret Hideout Sensual Housewives With An Eye For Shinbashi Salarymen We Bring You Choice Office Ladies, And College Girl Action!

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Released 1 June 2016
Duration 5 hours 3 min
Starring Yayoi YanagidaYayoi Yanagida 543
Neiro SuzukaNeiro Suzuka 287
Yuka MatsushitaYuka Matsushita 236
Minako SaotomeMinako Saotome 52
Yuka TsubasaYuka Tsubasa 50
Yume Kotone 22
Sakura Kotobuki 14
Yume Kato 10
Miruka Shiratori 4
Rio Senami 3
Categories Amateur 12,003 Office Lady 5,354 Big Vibrator 4,013 College Girl 3,591
Director Sara Lehaman Brothers 4
Label Shirouto only Plum 413
Studio Plum 493
Series Shinbashi Kousai 4
Channel PRIME 150,270 Playgirl 41,465
Code SSM 4
JAV idols Yayoi Yanagida, Neiro Suzuka, Yuka Matsushita, Minako Saotome, Yuka Tsubasa, Yume Kotone, Sakura Kotobuki, Yume Kato, Miruka Shiratori, Rio Senami performing in SSM-001 movie, acting amateur, office lady, big vibrator, college girl. Video code SSM, duration 303 minutes. Directed by Sara Lehaman Brothers. Released 1 June 2016 on Shirouto only Plum label by Plum studio. SSM-001.torrent can be downloaded by this link.

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