STTCD-027: [Value Set] Transsexuals Chinatsu Yumoto And LISA Are Forced To Ejaculate Till Their Balls Are Compl...


[Value Set] Transsexuals Chinatsu Yumoto And LISA Are Forced To Ejaculate Till Their Balls Are Completely Empty! /A Documentary About Forcing Resisting Transsexuals To Look At Pussy, Forcibly Fucking Them And Making Them Cum 2/ Turning A Transsexual’s Entire Body Into An Erogenous Zone!

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Released 30 May 2019
Duration 7 hours 15 min
Starring Yuno HoshiYuno Hoshi 467
Ruri ShiratoriRuri Shiratori 177
MyuuMyuu 134
Chinatsu YumotoChinatsu Yumoto 84
Mai NakabayashiMai Nakabayashi 36
RisaRisa 36
Minami Hosho 19
Airi Mochizuki 18
Categories Creampie 39,299 Threesome / Foursome 24,726 Squirting 12,547 Documentary 6,745 Lotion 2,776 Shemale 1,649
Label TRANS CLUB (bargain set) 31
Studio TRANS CLUB 241
Code STTCD 31
JAV idols Yuno Hoshi, Ruri Shiratori, Myuu, Chinatsu Yumoto, Mai Nakabayashi, Risa, Minami Hosho, Airi Mochizuki performing in STTCD-027 movie, acting creampie, threesome / foursome, squirting, documentary, lotion, shemale. Video code STTCD, duration 435 minutes. Released 30 May 2019 on TRANS CLUB (bargain set) label by TRANS CLUB studio. STTCD-027.torrent can be downloaded by this link.

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