TCD-190: Schoolgirls Wearing Black Stocking Are Beautiful Legged Transvestites Complete Box Set


Schoolgirls Wearing Black Stocking Are Beautiful Legged Transvestites Complete Box Set

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Released 22 January 2017
Duration 13 hours 47 min
Starring Yu KawakamiYu Kawakami 1,867
Misa YukiMisa Yuki 1,085
Yuno HoshiYuno Hoshi 469
Chinatsu YumotoChinatsu Yumoto 84
Nene AizawaNene Aizawa 80
Hiromi SatoHiromi Sato 56
Rui MatsushitaRui Matsushita 56
Nayu HoshibaNayu Hoshiba 42
RinRin 25
Haruhi Wakana 15
Categories Compilation 16,541 Schoolgirl 13,249 Pantyhose 4,514 Shemale 1,685 Cross Dresser 749
Label TRANS CLUB 218
Studio TRANS CLUB 252
Series Schoolgirls Wearing Black Stocking are Beautiful Legged Transvestites 8
Channel PRIME 150,265 Mania 18,841
Code TCD 218
JAV idols Yu Kawakami, Misa Yuki, Yuno Hoshi, Chinatsu Yumoto, Nene Aizawa, Hiromi Sato, Rui Matsushita, Nayu Hoshiba, Rin, Haruhi Wakana performing in TCD-190 movie, acting compilation, schoolgirl, pantyhose, shemale, cross dresser. Video code TCD, duration 827 minutes. Released 22 January 2017 on TRANS CLUB label by TRANS CLUB studio. TCD-190.torrent can be downloaded by this link.

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