TKO-004: Handjobs are Better than Sex! Soak My Dick in Your Spit and Jerk Me Off!


Handjobs are Better than Sex! Soak My Dick in Your Spit and Jerk Me Off!

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Released 20 June 2009
Duration 2 hours 1 min
Starring Miharu KaiMiharu Kai 285
Sayaka KurashinaSayaka Kurashina 96
Asuka MorimotoAsuka Morimoto 65
Karen 45
Nene Yokosuka 32
Sarina Tsubaki 27
Categories Handjob 9,519 Pantyhose 4,423
Label TKO (Paradox) 28
Studio Radix 1,161
Series Handjobs are Better than Sex! 5
Channel PRIME 150,255 Mania 18,839
Code TKO 28
JAV idols Miharu Kai, Sayaka Kurashina, Asuka Morimoto, Karen, Nene Yokosuka, Sarina Tsubaki performing in TKO-004 movie, acting handjob, pantyhose. Video code TKO, duration 121 minutes. Released 20 June 2009 on TKO (Paradox) label by Radix studio. TKO-004.torrent can be downloaded by this link.

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