UPSM-200: A Pervert Cabin Attendant With Beautiful Legs In Black Stockings On A Domestic Flight


A Pervert Cabin Attendant With Beautiful Legs In Black Stockings On A Domestic Flight

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Released 11 May 2012
Duration 2 hours
Starring Nana UsamiNana Usami 386
Reo SaionjiReo Saionji 98
Seira Sonoda 44
Kanade TomoseKanade Tomose 38
Miwa Nagao 11
Categories Pantyhose 4,550 Uniform 3,485 Footjob 1,808 Stewardess 532
Director Max Nakamoto 160
Label UP'S 294
Studio Up's 284
Channel PRIME 150,270 AV Station 23,810
Code UPSM 244
JAV idols Nana Usami, Reo Saionji, Seira Sonoda, Kanade Tomose, Miwa Nagao performing in UPSM-200 movie, acting pantyhose, uniform, footjob, stewardess. Video code UPSM, duration 120 minutes. Directed by Max Nakamoto. Released 11 May 2012 on UP'S label by Up's studio. UPSM-200.torrent can be downloaded by this link.

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