VANDR-110: Married Women Who Come To Yoga School Are Bored And Horny Sluts If They Moan And Pant Heavily During...


Married Women Who Come To Yoga School Are Bored And Horny Sluts If They Moan And Pant Heavily During Stretch Lessons That’s The OK Sign For Sex. As A Yoga School Instructor I Get To Fuck All I Want

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Released 1 May 2014
Duration 2 hours 23 min
Starring Mona KasugaMona Kasuga 80
Haruna AikawaHaruna Aikawa 41
Miyuu Takazawa 3
Categories Big Tits 49,136 Creampie 39,349 Married Woman 34,871 Big Tits Lover 4,754
Director Fujita Sandrovich 20
Label V&R PRODUCE 738
Studio V&R PRODUCE 793
Channel PRIME 150,255 AV Station 23,806
Code VANDR 61
JAV idols Mona Kasuga, Haruna Aikawa, Miyuu Takazawa performing in VANDR-110 movie, acting big tits, creampie, married woman, big tits lover. Video code VANDR, duration 143 minutes. Directed by Fujita Sandrovich. Released 1 May 2014 on V&R PRODUCE label by V&R PRODUCE studio. VANDR-110.torrent can be downloaded by this link.

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