VSPDS-320: Gcup Red Apple Blue Sky Exposure


Gcup Red Apple Blue Sky Exposure

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Released 11 March 2009
Duration 1 hour 38 min
Starring Akai RingoAkai Ringo 86
Categories Big Tits 49,097 Outdoor 5,217 Urination 4,095
Label V&R PRODUCE 738
Studio V&R PRODUCE 792
Channel PRIME 150,254 AV Station 23,806
Code VSPDS 284
JAV idol Akai Ringo performing in VSPDS-320 movie, acting big tits, outdoor, urination. Video code VSPDS, duration 98 minutes. Released 11 March 2009 on V&R PRODUCE label by V&R PRODUCE studio. VSPDS-320.torrent can be downloaded by this link.

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