ZOKG-018: Can A Mature Woman Like Me Be In An AV? This DVD Is A Video Record Of How This Lady Came To Our Inte...


Can A Mature Woman Like Me Be In An AV? This DVD Is A Video Record Of How This Lady Came To Our Interview And Was Instantly Dripping Wet

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Released 28 February 2017
Duration 2 hours
Starring Yoshino Akiyama 21
Kyoko TokiwaKyoko Tokiwa 16
Categories Mature Woman 39,938 Married Woman 34,871 Cowgirl 20,205
Director Kira Kan 33
Label Rebel Army 40
Studio STAR PARADISE 2,132
Series Can Mature Women Do Porn Too? 2
Channel PRIME 150,255 Playgirl 41,463
Code ZOKG 40
JAV idols Yoshino Akiyama, Kyoko Tokiwa performing in ZOKG-018 movie, acting mature woman, married woman, cowgirl. Video code ZOKG, duration 120 minutes. Directed by Kira Kan. Released 28 February 2017 on Rebel Army label by STAR PARADISE studio. ZOKG-018.torrent can be downloaded by this link.

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