Director: Kenichi Okuma

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DVDPS-596: Resist The Sexy Pranks! If You Move, You Have To Play The Punishment Game! 7 Dancers

Squirting, Other Fetishes, Variety, +1 category

15 May 2019

DVDPS-571: We've Got Anything You Want! Schoolgirls Only! Special Dance

Schoolgirl, School Uniform, Dance

12 April 2019

DVDPS-700: We've Got Anything You Want! Schoolgirls Only! Special Dance 4

Schoolgirl, Squirting, School Uniform, +1 category

28 March 2019

DVDPS-693: Schoolgirls Only. 20 Girls. They Get Their Uniforms Dripping Wet At A Swim Meet!

Schoolgirl, Variety, School Uniform, +2 categories

28 March 2019

DVDPS-672: The Girls Must Tolerate The Men's Naughty Touching! If They Move, They Must Play A Penalty Game! 27 ...

Other Fetishes, Variety, Miniskirt, +1 category

28 March 2019

DVDPS-664: The Greatest Dance Battle Tournament! If They Lose, It's Squirting And Porn. It's A Real Competition...

Cowgirl, Squirting, Variety, +1 category

28 March 2019

DVDPS-610: We've Got Anything You Want! Schoolgirls Only! Special Dance 2

Schoolgirl, Squirting, Variety, +2 categories

28 March 2019

DVDPS-732: Back To Back Climax Gal Trance

Squirting, Ropes & Ties, Facial

14 March 2019

DVDPS-718: Gals' Revolution Volume 01. Squirting Trip

Cowgirl, Squirting

14 March 2019

DVDPS-709: 20 Schoolgirls! Dance Game Battle. Group Dance Pleasure Paradise!

Creampie, Schoolgirl, Variety, +1 category

14 March 2019

DVDPS-783: Real Female Hip Hop Dancer Madoca's Wild Hip Thrusting And Squirting! Madoka (Nagai Madoka)

Cowgirl, Squirting, Bondage, +1 category

28 January 2019

DVDPS-766: Back To Back Climax Gal Trance 2

Cowgirl, Squirting, Ropes & Ties

28 January 2019