[VR] The Lucky Lust Train Where You Can Always Get To See Panty Shot And Nip Slip Action

[VR] The Lucky Lust Train Where You Can Always Get To See Panty Shot And Nip Slip Action

Released 4 January 2019
Duration 1 hour 50 min
Starring Hibiki OtsukiHibiki Otsuki 1,496
Nao MizukiNao Mizuki 788
Yuri OshikawaYuri Oshikawa 299
Arisu HayaseArisu Hayase 146
Minori KotaniMinori Kotani 137
Ayano KatoAyano Kato 125
Ai MinanoAi Minano 88
Kana SuzunaKana Suzuna 37
Anzu HoshiAnzu Hoshi 28
Yuzu SerizawaYuzu Serizawa 15
Categories Slut 17,146 Lingerie 3,486 Groping 1,847
Director Nao Masaki 366
Studio ROOKIE 461
JAV idols Hibiki Otsuki, Nao Mizuki, Yuri Oshikawa, Arisu Hayase, Minori Kotani, Ayano Kato, Ai Minano, Kana Suzuna, Anzu Hoshi, Yuzu Serizawa performing in JAV movie, acting slut, lingerie, groping. Video duration 110 minutes. Directed by Nao Masaki. Released 4 January 2019 on ROOKIE VR label by ROOKIE studio.

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